Large Blueberry Tart

Large blueberry tart in a graham cracker crust with mounds of whipped cream on the edges

This blueberry tart is a spectacular dessert

This large blueberry tart makes a great presentation for a barbecue or get together. The blueberries look fantastic and the taste is really good. It is a dessert you can smile about when you get the compliments from your guests.

The crust

Graham cracker crust in a tart pan

Graham cracker always a delicious crust

This is really nice with a pie crust but for this tart I used a graham cracker crust. Just the normal crust that takes about 5 minute to make and is always delicious. Just follow the directions on the box. I find a graham cracker crust sometimes is the perfect choice for a pie, little sugar for sweetness, and melted butter to hold everything together, fantastic.



Blueberry filling

Fresh blueberries covered in sugar and cinnamon

Blueberries sweetened with sugar and cinnamon, waiting to be cooked

Blueberries sweet and thick in a pan

Blueberries filling looks delicious



Now to talk about the delicious blueberry filling for this tart. I used two pints of blueberries for the filling that I washed off and took out any stems that are on the berries. Then I add the rest of the ingredients except the butter and cook for about 8 to 10 minutes.When it is nice and thick, just add the pat of butter , stir, and let cool for about 20 minutes before putting into your pie crust.

Fresh whipped cream beaten with a beater

Fresh Whipped Cream, Yum!



Blueberry Tart with a ring of whipped cream around it.

Blueberries and whipped cream, delicious



When tart is cool make a ring around it with mounds of fresh whipped cream. Makes the tart even more delicious and very pretty to look at.

This pie won't last long!